Grade 12 Exams Finished; Grade 11 Exams Just Around the Corner

by Jeong Bin Lee

While the exams have just ended for the seniors, the juniors are now preparing for the upcoming exam week starting from June 3rd. With around a week left to study, Warrior News interviewed Grade 11 students in the library during lunch, about their sentiments on these important exams and their very own preparation methods.

Which subject exam are you most worried about? Why? Is it the most difficult subject?

Minseok K.: “Math HL”

JP G.: Computer science. For me, it’s a lot of abstract concepts and sophisticated definitions.”

Brian O.: “None. The most difficult is English because it can be tricky.”

Jan S.:”HIstory and Math HL. Math HL is the hardest subject and history because there’s so much content to remember and you don’t know the questions so you have to know all the events, dates, and perspectives”.

Which subject did you study the most for?

Minseok: “Physics and math HL.”

JP: “So far psychology”.


Jan: “History.”

Do you care more about the school grades or your predicted grades?

Minseok: “Predicted grades, boy~”

JP: “Predicted grades”

Brian: “Predicted grades”

Jan: “School grades because I’m going to apply to Poland.”

How are you studying for the exams?

Minseok: ”I’m not (yet).”

JP: “2 hours per subject, every day”

Brian: ”Review everyday, one subject at a time.”

Jan: “Just reviewing and making notes.”

What are your plans after finishing your exams?

Minseok: ”Go live in the gym.”

JP: “Go work at my summer job.”

Brian: ”I will go partying and after. Then I’ll be preparing for my university admission.”

Jan: “Have fun with friends and finally watch some movies.”

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