Prom: A Week After, “A Night Under the Stars”

By Sua Yoo

Decoration Preparation

On May 25th, more than 100 high school students gathered in Amber Room Restaurant for the very first ASW prom in many years. In American schools, prom is a semi-formal dance held at the end of senior year that holds great importance to many students.

Sparked by Mr. Sheehan’s suggestion in the beginning of the year, a number of parents and juniors organized the event as an opportunity for high school students to celebrate the end of school year and for seniors, the end of their IB exams and graduation.

The theme was, “Night Under the Stars,” which was interpreted by the event planners as a low lit Amber Room dotted with silver and gold balloons.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 13.59.31
The Dance Floor

Tickets were sold at 200 PLN and included the price for the venue, food, drinks, and comedians. More than a hundred tickets were sold, and many 10th, 11th, and 12th graders attended the event.

10th graders who attended without a date are set to be the planners for next year’s prom, so the bar has been set.

The event started with stand-up comedies of two comedians and was followed by a dance. Finger foods and non-alcohol cocktails were provided as well. 11th grader Ola N. was very satisfied with the quality of the venue. She said, “The food and drinks were good, and the place was really pretty.”

When asked about prom, Michaela L., a 11th grader )who was one of the organizers), answered, “I think that the prom went very well, especially considering that the school hasn’t had one for a long time. It’s good to see everyone’s participation and interest. This helped us know what we can do to make this event even better next year.”

Professional Photographer Photo


While many students had a great time in prom, some were disappointed by the organization of the event. Ola N. (11) said, “A lot of people weren’t into the stand up comedians. We could have started prom in a different way.” Also, one 11th grader (who wishes to remain anonymous) suggested that a better dance floor could have improved the event as well as more places to sit.

Michaela L. (11) stated that the event was organized starting from March and could have been better if it was organized earlier in the year and had more student input.

**All images provided by prom documentation


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