Opinion: Come Support Relay for Life

by Natalia Sosna

From June 14 to June 15, ASW will host its first ever Relay For Life fundraising event. As this is something relatively new to our school, many of you might be wondering, what exactly is Relay For Life?

Relay for Life is an international movement created by the American Cancer Society as a way of combating cancer. All funds raised in Relay For Life events go towards resources for cancer patients and families, including free lodging nearby hospitals and a live 24/7 hotline, as well as further cancer research project grants.

The event is a walk-a-thon that takes place around the track for 24 hours. Students will be assembled into teams of about 10 people each and their task will be to carry a torch around the track for this 24 hour time period. Of course, they will be taking turns. However, the aim is to have at least one torch being carried around the track throughout the entirety of the event. The first lap on the morning of June 14th will be done collectively by the whole high school, after which most students will go back to their classes for the day, while designated team members will continue walking until their “shift” is over.

In addition to the aforementioned walk-a-thon, this event will provide fun attractions to pass time, including live music from 20:00 to 21:00. Students interested in performing are encouraged to visit the sign-up sheet linked below. Furthermore, to those looking to stay the night or participate for longer, be sure to bring some snacks, too!

In addition to being an incredibly fun even that serves to bond our high school community together, it is important to recognize Relay For Life as a profound event that seeks to remember and honor those who have fought cancer or are currently fighting it.

According to one of the core organizers of the event and HS principal Mr. Sheehan, “It is a celebration of life as well as a remembrance of people who have been affected or are being affected by cancer.”

Relay For Life is an event that builds both compassion and empathy for others as well as raising awareness for a very much relevant cause. The fact is that most of us know at least one person who is currently or has struggled with cancer. Whether that be a family member, a student, or a friend. This event presents us with an opportunity to celebrate them and honor their life and the impact it has had on us. In other words, I highly encourage all of you to participate, not only because this is a very fun bonding activity, but most importantly because it is a chance to give back and celebrate in honor of many people who have struggled with cancer.

In order to participate, you may find a link to sign up and form a team below. To those who have already signed up and formed teams, please take the time to organize a schedule for your team members with designated time slots for each member, to make sure that at least one member is on the track at all times for the 24 hours.

Link to the team sign up sheet

Link to the live performance sign up

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