Recent Renovations(?) at ASW


Over the summer holidays the ASW Instagram page notified us that they would be repainting the yellow walls in the hallways white.


Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.38.12
A post on ASW’s official Instagram page about the
summer changes at the school.


You may have noticed this was not the case. 


Recently, Warrior News sat down with Mr. Leszek Czajkowski, the ASW facilities manager, to discuss what had happened to the white walls and what other changes the ASW facilities team had managed to accomplish during the summer. 


When asked about the white walls, he said that some offices had been repainted, but it was too much of a hassle to repaint every single classroom or hallway wall white. “We are sticking to one color,” Mr. Czajkowski told us. “The problem with this is that very often we get something like just one wall of the classroom is dirty and the other walls are looking nice, so if we are using different paints then we are getting a mixture which doesn’t look nice.”


When asked about other renovations that occurred over the summer, Mr. Czajkowski took out his binder and assured that there were plenty:

  • The installment of two new ventilation units
  • Replacement of carpets in the elementary school
  • Kiss and Go in the high school
  • Reparation of the sewage system in the elementary school
  • Installment of new adult toilets in the flag hallway
  • ‘Cabins’ in the swimming pool to allow people more privacy while changing
  • The copy room was moved to the middle school
  • Renovations of the elementary school tower
  • Exchange of some window shades
  • A chiller near the annex art rooms
  • A new design room


Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.40.34.png
The new adult bathroom in place of the old copy center. Photo by Maya Sirotin.


He told us that there were some other changes that took place but they were “minor and not worth mentioning”. 

It’s clear that a lot more goes on at the school than we think it does. The facilities team works extremely hard to provide us with a positive learning environment that we tend to take for granted. From now on, when you see a member of the facilities team at ASW, remember to say hello! 


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