Coffee House Returns: A Review

by Jake Lupu

Monday not only marked the beginning of yet another school week – still a couple more to go before the end of the school year – but also the start of this year’s Coffee House.

Despina and Arsenij open this year’s Coffee House with a song by Lana del Rey. Photo by Jake Lupu.

Right after classes ended (or lunch, for freshmen and sophomores), students and teachers flocked to the HS commons to try to get themselves some good spots. The hallway was filled, as usual, and some even had to spill out on the 9th/10th grade hallway, and the staircase. Alongside the new acts, we also had new MCs- Despina and Arsenij. Whilst we’ll miss last year’s seniors, they did a great job of introducing all the different performances, continuing the legacy of good MCing. 

“After the first Coffee House, I was very excited to see the crowd that showed up,” said Despina. “Moving forward, I truly hope to keep making Coffee House a safe space for people to share their talents. One goal for this year would be to expand the different talents showcased, to go beyond music. We are also thinking about trying out some new coffee house themes.”

Ji-hoon and Karolina mid-act. Photo by Jake Lupu.

Last year, the 11th and 12th graders led the performances, with most acts prepared by them, but this year (for this Coffee House, at least, but hopefully for the others too), there was more of a balance. This isn’t to say that last year’s performers weren’t good, but it’s nice to see the younger HS students trying out their luck. Indeed, there were performances from every grade! Something else that many might’ve noticed was the popularity of Billie Eilish’s songs: 3 out of the 5 acts sang something by her. 

Another pleasant surprise was a trio performance. Last year there were not many trios, so it was cool to see one here. 

If you have a chance to go to the next coffee house, I definitely recommend it! It’s an incredible feeling of community and really fun to see all the talent hiding among us.

Luca and Elle. Photo by Jake Lupu.

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