The Reporters’ Club Investigates the Control Room

By The Grade 4-5 Reporters’ Club: Iris B., Noam B., Luisa D., Beatriz F., Liv H., Eleni K., Radik K., Olivia M., Margot P., Leon P., Marie S., Chloe S., Heidi S., Inez W., Yanxi Z.

On October 11th, the Reporters’ Club visited the control booth above the theatre. We discovered some interesting things.

The Control Booth in action.

From the control booth you can see the stage in the theatre, and on the stage people were setting up for the High School musical, Westside Story.

The sound for the theatre is controlled from 3 panels in the control booth. There are sliders to control 24 different sounds. 

From the control room you can see 2 projectors, one in the room and one on the ceiling. 

The control room also has an interesting musical instrument: a wooden piano with buttons on it.

In a second room next to the control room there is an ancient couch, a gigantic pillow, and a drum set. On the wall is a very mysterious ladder. This second room also has a kind of movie studio, with a green wall for making special effects. According to Ms. Kasia, this second room is called the studio and is used as a rehearsal room for bands and for recording videos. 

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