Who is Fridays for the Future?: Oscar

by Lia Lipinski, Ola Pietruszkiewicz, and Gyeong Eun You

“I can’t say oh I’m going to shut down a power plant. But I can strike for it.”

On November 15, Oscar (16) went to the Fridays for Future climate strike in Berlin. As we arrived at the protest an hour early, we could already see him preparing, talking to organizers and friends. Thanks to the Greta Thunberg stickers decorating his coat, we felt tempted to talk to him about his views, and ideas for the future. Throughout the conversation, Oscar was very confident in his opinions and passionate when speaking about the changes that need to be made.

Oscar [16]. Photos by Lia Lipinski & Ola Pietruszkiewicz

In the beginning, Oscar viewed the climate strike as something that brought him together with his friends who were already very involved. However, he soon became very involved and regularly attended every Friday strike. His passion for the future has lead him to prioritize the strike over school. Every Friday, on the strike, he misses the majority of his school day to prove a point to the public and the government. He has been an active participant of the strike ever since February of this year. 

 “I can’t say, oh I’m going to shut down a power plant, but I can strike for it,” Oscar said when explaining how he as an individual raises awareness about fighting for the future against polluting corporations. 

We learned that Oscar also tries to commute on bike as much as he can, and he encourages everyone to do the same. Thanks to limiting transport by car, he limits the amount of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse that leads to climate change. Speaking of greenhouse gases,  cattle farms are one of the main sources of methane in the atmosphere. Oscar chose to promote vegetarianism because of the excessive production and expansion of such farms, that yet again, lead to climate change. He advises the general public to join him and consume less meat and to commute by bicycle to reduce pollution that would help with the well being of the environment.

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