No Shave November Comes to ASW

by Marcell Veer

Every year in November, the No Shave November Organization plans an event aimed to raise awareness and money for cancer prevention, research, and education. Their goal is to encourage participants to grow out their facial hair, and donate the money that they would have otherwise spent on shaving/grooming products. By doing this, they raised more than 1.76 million dollars just last year. 

So how is this movement affecting ASW? Many of our writers remember No Shave November as something that used to be much bigger in ASW before than what it is today. In order to find out more about this, we decided to ask ASW students through a Facebook poll and we had some interesting results:

As shown, only 4 people claim that they are actively participating. Otherwise, the majority of those

who answered are not and there is even one person who has never heard of this event. One organization in ASW (Cancer Awareness Club) is seeking to change this, by doing a fundraiser and hosting an assembly where ASW students will be educated on No Shave November. Some students will have the option to shave a select number of participating teachers beards off. Amelia Lubelska told Warrior News, “We hope to raise some money for cancer organizations, but more importantly we hope to raise awareness about this event and its goals”

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