Venturing out into the World — The Revival of Chaberek

By Zofia Ciołek

Last week, the recently revived Chaberek Club made its first venture of the year out into the world to Ognisko Ursynów, a dayroom for children from troubled families. 

The Chaberek Club has actually been around ASW for a while. However, due to certain circumstances it had been put on an indefinite hiatus in the past few years. Recently, however, the new club leader Natalia S. had decided to revive the club, proving to everyone that Chaberek is coming back to stay.

When asked about her reasons for reviving the club, Natalia stated that she actually had never planned to become the club leader. “I just thought that Chaberek sounded like something fun in past years. Sadly, without any sort of student leadership or members, the club died out. So, I decided to take it upon myself to try and recreate what Chaberek used to be and possibly change it for the better. In addition to being a good CAS project, it is an excellent opportunity for community service. I feel like we are all very privileged to go to this school and often take such an education for granted. By helping out children that are less fortunate, we are able to use our privilege for the better.”

One of the aims of the club is not only to spend time with the children, but also to broaden their knowledge of the English language. During their time at Ognisko Ursyńow, the club organised a variety of different activities such as ice breakers, card games, and crafting activities. In order to stay true to their aim in teaching these children English, they incorporated some basic English phrases and vocabulary into their activities. 

A popular question which comes up about Chaberek is whether the club will foresee a name change in the future, as the term “Chaberek” relates to another dayroom for children from troubled families with which the club had worked before but had to unfortunately give up their partnership with. The club leader says that it would be more appropriate to change the name, due to both the change in institutions and the fact that the current name is hard to pronounce and often leads to confusion. This, however, is still a work in progress.

“We plan on hopefully continuing the meetings and making them more regular,” concludes Natalia. “We hope to also invite the kids to our school sometime so we can do some activities here. Also, we are very open to potentially collaborating with other service clubs at ASW to coordinate some cool events in the future. It would also be good to get club members, especially underclassmen, so that the club does not die out (again).”

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