Where is the Snow?

by Marcell Veer You might have noticed that two months into winter, there has been barely any snow. The days are very short but temperatures rarely go down into the negatives, a rare phenomenon for winter weather in Poland. This strange occurrence needs to be talked about more. According to Ms. Josephson, one of the high school’s biology teachers, “This seems like a really warm … Continue reading Where is the Snow?

ASW Raises 32 200 PLN for WOŚP

by Ola Pietruszkiewicz On the Sunday of the 12th, a very special annual event took place in the whole of Poland. Wielka Orkiestra świątecznej Pomocy, otherwise known as WOŚP is a fund-raising organization that raises money for sick children in need by providing expensive and professional medical equipment. For the past 28 years, on the 12 of January, the streets of Poland get filled with … Continue reading ASW Raises 32 200 PLN for WOŚP