Ms. Munnerlyn is Moving!

by The Grade 4-5 Reporters’ Club: Iris B., Lydia C., Liv H., Eleni K., Krzys K., Radik K., Ellin L., Vera L., Olivia M., Leon P., Maelly W., Alisa Y.

On Friday, January 17th, the Reporters’ Club visited Ms. Munnerlyn, the elementary school principal, in her office. We learned that Ms. Munnerlyn is leaving ASW at the end of this school year to go to an international school in Madrid.

The Reporters’ Club with Ms. Munnerlyn. Photo by Radik K.

Ms. Munnerlyn has been a school principal for 5 years. She was a vice-principal for 3 years before that. The last time she was a teacher was when she lived in Shanghai. 

Ms. Munnerlyn came to ASW from Abu Dhabi. She came to ASW when her daughter started high school, and her daughter has now finished high school. 

Ms. Munnerlyn said her job at ASW is to make a better school for students, teachers, and parents. She says she likes her job here because of the super interesting kids, and that she loves working in the elementary school.

Ms. Munnerlyn did not always want to be a principal. Her dad was also a principal. When she was little, she wanted to be a country and western singer. She said that if she couldn’t be a principal, she would want to work in a bakery and to know how to make perfect bread. 

Her office has a lot of stuffed animals, a computer, a table, paintings, a clock, and separate rooms. There are 3 funny chairs.

Also, her dog’s name is Albus Dumbledore. 

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