Where is the Snow?

by Marcell Veer

You might have noticed that two months into winter, there has been barely any snow. The days are very short but temperatures rarely go down into the negatives, a rare phenomenon for winter weather in Poland. This strange occurrence needs to be talked about more.

The ASW courtyard, Jan. 27th, 2020.

According to Ms. Josephson, one of the high school’s biology teachers, “This seems like a really warm and mild winter. I taught here 8 years ago, for 4 years, and this has seemed like the warmest winter that I remember in Warsaw. In terms of why I think this might be happening, I do think that science supports that global warming is a cause of this” 

Every decade, global temperatures rise by 0.2 celsius. This may not seem like a big number, but Varsovians can now clearly see the effects with their own two eyes. Even worse, these numbers are expected to rise even more over the next few decades. Government organizations in Poland have released data proving that the number of days with minimum temperature less than 0 celsius have decreased drastically, while the number of days with maximum temperature higher than 25 celsius have increased. Almost each new summer, a new highest heat ever recorded is broken in Poland as extreme temperatures around the world are on the rise. 

Outskirts of Warsaw, circa 2013

When numerous 5th graders were asked for their opinion on this matter, there was a common saying that was heard far too often, “We miss the snow!”. Instead of being able to play in the snow, these kids have to play outside in the smog all throughout the winter and something must be done. Warrior News will continue to report on this subject, as it is extremely concerning for everyone in Warsaw. Until then, all one can do is pray for snow.

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