What’s one thing that people pass by, but don’t notice?

by Jake Lupu

Hint: You probably pass near this at least once a day, if you eat from the cafeteria and, if you’re an HS student, you probably pass by it several times during the day.

Another hint: its original location was replaced with the ES art showcase.

Last hint: If you go to the PTO office, then you are extremely close to it.

Did you get it? If you thought, “It’s the Noticeboard Board!” then you are correct. 

Photo by Jake Lupu.

The noticeboard has been here for as long as anyone can remember, but other than that, most people don’t really know much about it. Taylor B. (12) said, “I know there is a notice board, but I did not know that people actually used it. I am trying to sell my SAT Subject test books- Now I’m thinking about putting it on the notice board.” She added, “So if you want em’ just drop me an email.” 

Mr. Taylor also joked that he thought the board was only for pilates advertisements. 

When asked as what gets put on the board Mr. Brunt, the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at ASW, replied that “it’s generally second-hand items for sale, property offers, local events and meetings, extracurricular activities and coaching provided by third-parties, and even work opportunities.” Regarding the seemingly mysterious stamp that can be found on the notices, he says that they “usually stamp and date all notices” to show that the posting has been approved by the Marketing department. He also said that “30 days is the validity period” and if there was no renewal of the advertisement, it gets recycled. 

But how does one put something on the board? The process isn’t actually that complicated. The criteria for approval of the notice can be found “on the red sign on the noticeboard itself.” In short, Mr. Brunt said that “we don’t approve anything that violates school policies.” This includes things that “promote drugs or alcohol,” but he also said that “sometimes, advertisements for adult-only events outside of school will include illustrations of a beer bottle/cocktail glass so unfortunately we have to reject them.” On top of that, things that could go against school values also sometimes get rejected. He recalls that “one time, a dog-breeder wanted to place a notice selling puppies, but we felt that this was at odds with the important work our students are doing through Service projects and the Hand4Paw club at the Last Chance dog shelter to help the homeless and abandoned dogs that live there,” so it got rejected. 

As for putting up notices without approval, the Communications office is quite vigilant – and this goes for posters put up around the school, too, not just on the board. The issue is “if the poster contains something against our policy or values, obviously, but also if it is about fundraising,” Mr. Brunt said. “Any fundraising event taking place at ASW requires approval from the Service Learning office, the school Director, and finally the Communications office.” When they do find a poster that should have the stamp of approval, but doesn’t, the Communications Department will just contact the owner, and let them know that they need to get it approved.

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