New Cafeteria Mural to be Unveiled Today

by Zuzanna Kaczmarek and Abaigeal Lorge

About a week ago, a professional artist, Kate Deciccio, came to our school to collaborate with ASW art students on a mural in the school cafeteria. 

The collaboration started when High School art students sent their line drawings and artwork to Kate, through the art teacher, Mrs. Nonato. Then she transformed them into digital drawings to a cohesive composition for the mural. However, sadly not all of the initial drawings made it to the final design due to the limited space, but Kate hopes to “paint them some other time.” 

According to Mrs. Nonato, a key factor in creating a cohesive piece was creating “a unified color palette between the mural and portraits […] to unify the two separate styles.”

Mrs. Nonato and Kate invited a variety of students from all grade levels to contribute to the mural. About 80 students from the ASW community helped out with the mural. Although working with such a range of ages and skill levels can be overwhelming, the visiting artist said that “there is really a job for everyone.” 

The purpose of the mural, according to Kate, is to give the cafeteria a “feeling of young energy and imagination.” It celebrates the flora and fauna of Poland in an effort to strengthen our relationship with nature. The focus of the artwork is to raise awareness about the climate action that is being initiated by students our age. It features four youth climate justice activists from Mexico, USA, Canada, and Uganda. The students chose Berta Caceres as the “legacy” portrait as she “successfully shut down a dam project that would have cut off food, water and medicine to the Lenca people” in Honduras. 

“We painted portraits of 4 incredible youth climate justice activists to honor their inspiring work and show students there is a place for them in this movement,” said Kate.

Today, amidst the rising temperatures and changes in our climate, many young activists find themselves protesting on the streets, fighting for change. Hence, “the mural is meant to feature local plants and animals in a beautiful way to remind viewers what we’re fighting for.” 

The final product will be revealed on Friday, March 13th.

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