The Quarantine Heads to Instagram

by Zuzanna Kaczmarek

The American School of Warsaw shifted to online school on March 16th, having all of its students conduct self-isolation. To get through the stresses of social distancing, an Instagram account called @asw.quarantine was created.

The account is controlled by a junior at ASW, Julia A. She is in charge of the account, however, Julia stresses that the page “wouldn’t be possible without everyone who follows and participates.”

The main purpose of the account to create a sense of community. Every single day, Julia posts a new challenge on the account’s story. Everyone can send in their photos or videos to be featured on the Instagram page. Some of the challenges included sending in baby pictures, your set-up for online school, or your quarantine lunch. Also, every Friday evening there is a movie night, where students can watch a movie together through a Chrome extension known as Netflix Party. 

She started this account to re-establish the feeling of a community, because according to Julia, “we all miss our friends, of course, but I think everyone also really misses feeling like we’re part of a community.”

Since the first week of self-isolation, the account has really grown. At first, it was meant to be an account just for the Class of 2021, but it has moved on “to an account for all high schoolers.” The account welcomes the entire ASW high school, and according to Julia, “now there are people from all grades participating.”

Although Julia is in charge of the account herself, she expresses that she gets some help from other students. In the beginning, she came up with the ideas for various challenges herself. However, with the growing interest in the Instagram page she is receiving “an increasing amount of challenge recommendations.” Julia says that she is “really happy that people aren’t just participating but also coming up with their own ideas.” 

As for the future of the account, Julia states that “together we can keep this account going for a long time.”

You can check out ASW Quarantine on Instagram: @asw.quarantine

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