A New Club at ASW? Yes: Warriors Weekly!

By Fiona haze

A new club, known as Warriors Weekly, was recently started by Marci V. (11) and Annika J. (11) at ASW. Warriors Weekly is a club which is in association with Warrior News and is a “Weekly News Recap” discussing events at ASW.

Photo by Fiona Haze.

Annika J. (11) tells Warrior News that so far, the club has ten members: Marci, Ian, Leo, Fiona, Zofia C, Zosia K, Grete, Sophia S, Lilianna and herself. Marci V. (11) states the roles that each individual member of the club has. He says that, “I am a reporter, along with Annika J., Ian W., Zofia K., Liliana S., Leo K. and Sophia S. We are the ones everyone will see presenting in our upcoming episodes. Fiona H. and Zofia C. are our head writers. Grete M., Leo, and I are responsible for editing the episodes.”

Warrior News also asked the leaders how they came up with the idea of Warriors Weekly. Marci says that he “always has been really interested in journalism and everything related to it.” He “thought of the idea for this project a couple weeks ago, partly thanks to a similar project being started” in his old school. He adds, “I hope that with these video news episodes, the hard work of the Warrior News team can reach a larger audience. I also think it could be fun entertainment where we showcase other types of news as well in our community.”

Marci says that Warriors Weekly will be posting weekly news episodes on their Instagram page, @warriors.weekly. Every new episode can be found under the IGTV section, along with the feed of the Instagram page. He also tells Warrior News what the club will be reporting on: “sports news, news about ASW events, local Polish news, recaps of Warrior News articles, and answers to polls/Q&A’s.” 

Annika continues, “Given our current situation, we also plan on having a segment to inform our warriors of ever changing government restrictions and other corna related topics.” 

Annika says that her personal goal for the project is “to create more school spirit.” She wants to “get people reading Warrior News and watching Warriors Weekly to encourage them to go watch basketball games, contribute to fundraisers, and just get people excited about things that make being a student at ASW great.” 

Marci adds that he hopes that the project will act as “good entertainment for all the viewers, but for it also to be informational and professional.” He also comments on how the community can benefit from it in times of crisis like now: “I hope that watching our episodes will make some people feel like they are back at school with their friends. I think It is extremely important for us to maintain a sense of community at a time when we are all physically separated.” 

According to Marci, the first episode hopefully will come out the last weekend of April if everything goes as planned. It will then be announced on their Instagram page. “Make sure to follow us at warriors.weekly, and we hope you will enjoy everything that we create!,” he said. 

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