Online School for the Rest of the Year, and the Introduction of a New Schedule

by Marcell Veer

Students at ASW were perhaps not surprised to hear the announcement from the Board of Trustees that ASW will remain in virtual school for the rest of the school year. However, the news that followed with an email from Mr. Sheehan was more surprising to many. Following the news of the extended school closure, it was also announced there will be a new schedule for the remainder of the school year for the Upper School. 

The new Upper School schedule.

According to Mr. Sheehan, there are 3 main reasons for the decision, one being the fact that parent/teacher conferences have been cancelled. Therefore, the added free times on Wednesdays and Thursdays serve as a time for parents to be able to meet with teachers easily. Secondly, many students have complained about the problems surrounding excessive screen time, which is supposed to lessen with the new schedule. The last reason is the fact that this schedule may have to be used during the reopening of school in August. 

There is also talk within the ASW community that there might be a scheduled day where assigned students can go back to school to retrieve their belongings and perhaps say goodbye to their friends in a way that aligns with social distancing practices. According to Mr. Zurfluh, “the Board of Trustees supports the administration and staff as they plan to mark the important end-of-year traditions and milestones that support transition and recognize student accomplishment.”

There are still a lot of developments to be made, and many at ASW are eager to find out how this strange school year will finally end.

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