Mr. and Mrs. Cokerdem leaving Warsaw for Tokyo

By Lia Lipinski and Maya Sirotin

After teaching at ASW for nearly 5 years, Mr. and Mrs. Cokerdem will be leaving Warsaw for the American School in Tokyo, Japan once the school year has finished. Mr. Cokerdem has been teaching DP psychology, while Mrs. Cokerdem has been teaching high school math. 

Photo from Mrs. Cokerdem.

According to Mrs. Cokerdem, coming to Warsaw “was quite unplanned. In 2015 we were living in Venezuela and looking to relocate.  ASW happened to have the right combination of jobs for me and Mr. Cokerdem.” Mr. Cokerdem adds that, “we were working in a great school, but the Venezuelan government became problematic, and it became very dangerous to live there.” 

When asked about their first impressions of ASW, they report that it seemed like a welcoming environment with “great facilities, nice people and helpful colleagues.” After many years of teaching at ASW, Mrs. Cokerdem says that her favorite part of ASW has been the students. She says that the students “have a great blend of being willing to work hard, while also being committed to engaging in all kinds of interesting things in and out of school.” Mr. Cokerdem says,”my first impression was very positive. This school has a very good reputation, and the teachers I get to work alongside work very hard, and are very dedicated.”

When it comes to living in the city of Warsaw itself, Mrs. Cokerdem says that she will never take for granted the safety in Warsaw, telling Warrior News that “we can carry a cell phone openly in the streets and let our kids leave the house by themselves. Not everyone is that lucky.” Both Mr. and Mrs. Cokerdem also said that the location of Warsaw allows for easy travel to other European cities and historical sites. 

Even though there are some challenges with the huge cultural differences, they seem excited for the chance to move to a new country. As Mr. Cokerdem remarks, having the chance to live across three continents before his children go to university is something special. He has been practicing Japanese daily in preparation for the move. Mrs. Cokerdem is excited for the experience of living in a new culture with fresh perspectives and having the chance to eat new foods and visit new places. 

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