Ms. Ranado leaving ASW for Northern Virginia

By Lia Lipinski and Maya Sirotin

After being at ASW for 4 years, Ms. Ranado will be moving to North Virginia next school year. 

         Ms. Ranado, who teaches HS English and DP Lang. & Lit. came to ASW because of her husband’s work as a US diplomat. “I’m just lucky enough to have a portable career,” Mrs. Ranado told Warrior News.  When she arrived at ASW her first impression was that the school was “fancy but welcoming.” 

         Throughout her time at ASW, Ms. Ranado remembers interaction with the students as being her favorite experience, especially since she was able to teach many of them for many years and was able to see “their growth as thinkers.” She has also enjoyed being the 10th grade level leader, being involved in the costume department during the school productions, getting to know her colleagues, and the location of her classroom.

         When it comes to living in the city of Warsaw itself, Ms. Ranado says that her family initially hoped to come to Poland as she knew that her children “would have a great quality of life.” Looking back on her time in Warsaw, Ms. Ranado says that Warsaw turned out to be “unexpectedly hip and feels like a big town in a lot of ways.” Her time in Warsaw marks the longest time her family has lived in one place and Ms. Ranado says that leaving will be difficult.

         After moving to Northern Virginia, where her husband can study Vietnamese, Ms. Ranado and her family will be moving to Hanoi, Vietnam in 2021.

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