Editorial: Reduced Travel, and How We Can Help Our Climate

by Caitlyn Veal

One thing we look forward to in the ASW community is to travel with our friends and the adults that we look up to. At this school, there are extensive opportunities and such blessings in the light of all the amazing travel and endless bonding experiences that come along! Do you remember the times before this monstrosity of a virus took over our world as we know it? I sure do but let me refresh your memory a little bit. 

According to statistics provided by Mr. Cuthbert, our ASW Athletics Director. Last year, between sports and activities, there were a total of 62 ASW school trips scheduled. These ran from the beginning of September to the very beginning of March. Everything after that took a turn for the worse.  

These numbers reflect the first two seasons of the 2019-2020 and the absence of our third season. How many trips didn’t happen you may ask? 20 in just the last quarter of the year. 

There are some benefits to limited travel: Most importantly, the preservation of the climate. According to the BBC, a senior researcher at the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research named Robbie Andrew says, “What we’re seeing is that the largest relative reduction is in air traffic” (McGrath, May 6, 2020). Globally, the demand for Jet Fuel was reported to be down 65% in April. The amount of scheduled seating has decreased a ton to accommodate the needed restrictions. Remembering back to a time before this change feels like a lifetime ago.  

ASW has contributed to this global total because of the steps we have taken, as a community, to limit our travel. However, this is a direct correlation to Covid-19 and how it has restricted our travel, and some may say it is not our choice. As a young student, I am at peace and have felt a more personal connection to this global affair because of our contributions to the preservation of the climate. No, this was not what we envisioned for the outcome of this year, but our global duty to help the environment has become an even bigger focus.

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