The Reporters’ Club Presents: Meet Mr. Fladager!

By the Grade 5 Reporters’ Club: Iris B., Noam B., Rony D., Arlo D., Mert D., Anton E., Ksawery G., Calla G., Hyunseung K., Radomir K., Ariana L., Xinyue L., Leon P., Izabel R., and Maelly W.

Mr. Fladager, the new ASW Elementary School principal, describes himself as being like Eeyore the donkey, because Eeyore thinks carefully before making decisions for himself and others.  

Mr. Fladager, taking questions.

Mr. Fladager’s hometown is Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, where he has been  a principal or vice-principal for 16 years. He has taught grades 6, 7, and 8, PE, French, and has been a librarian. This is his first time in an IB school.

He is married with one son. His wife is the Upper School librarian, and his son is into music, comics, and video games. Mr. Fladager’s hobby is music.

His dream is to travel around in a motorhome, and he also wants to go to Germany.

He wants to look for ways to make our school better, and teamwork can help us do it. “We are great and getting greater, ” he said. 

Mr. Fladager says he likes kids because kids are unpredictable and unique. Three adjectives he would pick to describe himself are “thoughtful,” “futuristic,” and “caring.” He likes being a principal, drinking coffee, and eating pizza.   

Mr. Fladager has a guinea pig named Norman. 

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