Activities Fair Goes Virtual for This Year

by Varvara Kosnyrieva

Activities fair is a great opportunity for students to learn more about after school activities and sign up for them, yet this happened virtually.

Due to the restrictions surrounding COVID19, there is no chance to have a face to face Activities Fair meeting. Therefore a virtual activities fair webpage that has videos from each sponsor of each club guided students through all after school activities that are available this year. All HS students were welcomed to browse the videos with links at the top and bottom. 

Some students had a suggestion to make the videos shorter and more engaging, mentioning that they did not base their final choice on the videos they watched. The links allowed students to log in to Powerschool and then CHQ in order to sign up for any activities you may be interested in. The videos contained information about what each club entails and when and where the club will meet. 

It was necessary to apply through CHQ and to make sure the application format was appropriate. The CHQ asked to rank all of the after school activities you are interested in starting from 1 to so on, it was important to assign each after school activities with specific rank, which does not repeat. 99.9% of all issues occur when students/ parents forget to click save then send then submit

Usually, all after school programs are designed for those students that are physically at school. Therefore, in the case of entire grade levels being excluded from school due to COVID19, the activities office is going to consider the possibility of running the activities using a virtual platform.

According to Olivia Rajca, the leader of club “Hand4Paw”, it was not challenging to create the club this year. However, there are definitely some limitations and difficulties in terms of running the after school activity due to COVID 19.

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