New restrictions come in to place in Poland

By Marcell Veer

As the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic batters the world, Poland is struggling to contain it’s outbreak. As of 11 of October, Poland has more than 40,000 active cases of the Novel Coronavirus. 

The government announced on October 8 the introduction of new restrictions. One of these being the requirement to wear masks in all public spaces (including outdoors) across the country. Furthermore, indoor dancing venues have been shut and new restrictions have come into place about the maximum number of people in different public spaces. 

On October 10, the government announced further restrictions, such as the return of specific times for shopping for the elderly population. 

With all the new cases and restrictions, students across the American School of Warsaw are beginning to worry about the possibility of government mandated school closures. “I think the school may need to get shut down soon,” says junior Blanca V. In general, there seems to be a wary attitude circling the high school. 

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