Season 1 Sports Underway, COVID Restrictions and All

by Carolina Barsakov

The first season of sports at ASW has returned, featuring the Volleyball teams, Soccer teams and Cross Country teams which have been practicing towards success for a few weeks now. With the global pandemic in mind, there are multiple precautions the Athletics Council has taken in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Volleyball practice, for both boys and girls, takes place inside the Annex Gym. Masks are required when off court, in the locker rooms or when walking around inside. Soccer and Cross Country practice takes place outside and the same requirements for wearing masks apply. According to Mr.Cuthbert, head of the Athletics Council, “The changing rooms are sanitized after MS PE finishes class, before athletics arrive after school. I sanitize the locker rooms myself and take care of this task with the help of a few others.”

Regardless of the pandemic, all of the teams still gained a lot of new members. “We get a lot of students trying out for the teams every year. I’m not sure about a Jurassic change; however, the girls soccer team, especially, definitely gained a lot of new players, mainly students new to high school,” said Mr.Cuthbert. Many students who played a sport in middle school have continued with their career into high school. 

One of the main aspects of this season that students have inquired about is whether or not tournaments will take place this season. According to Mr. Cuthbert, “All tournaments are cancelled for the first season.” Games with the British School or other nearby schools, which would be held on campus, were considered. However, this is unlikely to happen during the first season, due to a rapid rise in cases resulting in all of Poland being declared a “yellow zone.” 

Although tournaments with outside schools will not be happening, there is currently an in-house tournament planned as “Warrior Day” to happen on  Friday, October 23rd. As stated on the HS Bulletin, “Each team, from all three sports within ASW will play for a couple of hours. Students not playing will need to wear masks and sit socially distanced in the stands or on the fields.” Support for classmates is encouraged, but staying safe on this day will not be ignored.

Mr.Cuthbert gives the students hope, remarking that, “We have the kids in mind and will do our best to make this experience as fun as possible, considering realistic approaches, while at the same time, keeping everyone safe.” Many students are already looking forward to the second season of HS sports, starting after October break, and the decisions made regarding Covid-19 regulations.

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