Maintaining Tradition: UN Day at ASW This Year

by Fiona Haze

As the end of October draws closer, students are starting to wonder if UN Day, which traditionally occurs at the end of October, will take place this year. And, if it will, how will it differ from previous years due to the coronavirus restrictions set in place? 

A picture of UN Day in 2019, taking place on the 25th of October. Photo courtesy of the @aswarsaw instagram page.

Maria Daifoti, the PTO president, states that the PTO is “still having discussions about UN Day.” She says, however, that it “for sure will happen” this year.  

As to when UN Day will take place, Ms. Daifoti states that it most likely will be “pushed back to November”. As of right now, the PTO is trying to plan Halloween, which they are hoping to celebrate before the October break.

“We are discussing news ways of doing it [UN Day] because our priority is to keep our community safe and we will need to abide by the regulations of the school,” states Ms. Daifoti. 

She continues by saying that it is “one of the most, even the most, important celebrations” at ASW and that the PTO does not want to miss it. In other words, the PTO wants to preserve the tradition of celebrating UN Day. However, this means that UN Day will look different this year, as there are certain rules and regulations which have to be followed.

The first idea is to have a parade without mixing the cohorts, similar to the flag parade. However, if the “situation gets more difficult”, states Ms. Daifoti, “we will need to go virtual.” In other words, as of right now, there is no certainty as to how UN Day will look like this year, with the PTO stating that they are trying to plan the event to the best of their ability. 

Annika J., a senior at ASW, believes that “UN day will not take place the way that we’re used to because it is not achievable considering that UN Day is all about food and activities which are really interactive.” She also believes that UN Day in the past has been special because she got to “see people from other grades.” 

Her favourite part about UN Day is “seeing how excited people are” when they see “the dancers and salsa instructor in the gym,” for instance. She says that it really gives her “a happy feeling” because she loves being and seeing others “getting excited for things.”  

This year, Annika wants to see people get excited because “UN Day is a day filled with spirit and pride for ASW as well as diversity.”  

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