The Wristbands, Up and Running

By Lia Lipinski and Gyeong Eun You

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASW implemented in September a controlled identification system: the OK4School app (website) and wristbands.  The mandatory use of wristbands and daily surveys on OK4School were only 2 of the many systems implemented to ensure that the community was COVID-free.  

According to Mr. Zurfluh, the decision to take these safety measures had taken inspiration from other international schools that have implemented similar protocols. These wristbands are combined with several school systems in PowerSchool and OK4School. 

Additionally, physical prevention processes have been implemented including temperature checking, hand sanitization, and shoe disinfecting at the entrance of each cohort. 

When this system was first applied to the community, there were minor issues with efficiency due to miscommunications between the Ok4School and wristband systems. Thankfully, “most of these issues are now resolved and more than 800 students enter without difficulty or concern each day,” said Mr. Zurfluh. 

The only large issue faced today is the loss of wristbands as well as students and parents forgetting to fill in their surveys or doing so too late for the systems to be updated. According to Mr. Plachta, the head of security, “So far [he] had 37 wristbands reported as lost by students, and 1 reported as faulty.” 

It is important to note that the survey may undergo additional changes, as requirements and recommendations from the school’s medical partners adjust their suggestions in response to changes within Poland and the school itself. 

According to high school student Natalia S, “the wristbands are not too inconvenient but they are a bit loose.” Many other students have commented on the sizing of the wristbands, because they are not adjustable or different sizes. Due to these minor sizing issues the wristbands can easily fall off of your wrist if they are not your size. 

Fiona H, another high school student,  added, “I will usually scan my wristband and immediately put it into my backpack to avoid losing it.” For more information regarding the OK4School application and wristbands, you can see Mr. Zurfluh’s Zimplicity page.

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