Ms. James Shows the Reporters’ Club Around the Library

By The Grade 5 Reporters’ Club:  Iris B., Noam B., Rony D., Arlo D., Mert D., Anton E., Ksawery G., Calla G., Hyunseung K., Radomir K., Ariana L., Xinyue L., Leon P., Izabel R., and Maelly W.

The library has 40 000 books: 20 000 in the elementary section and 20 000 in the Upper School section. 

According to Ms. James, the Elementary School librarian, since COVID started, the library has added masks, sanitation, big separators between the two sides of the library, and a 3-day quarantine for books.

The library found new titles for books, and they are all related to COVID.

One of Ms. James’ projects for the library this year is to organize the fiction section by genre so students can find books they love more easily.

In Ms. James’ opinion, the funniest author in the ES library is Roald Dahl. One of Ms. James’ favorite authors is Isabel Allende. She especially likes realistic fiction and some mysteries. 

Ms. James likes working in the library because it is quiet and cosy and because she loves books. She likes helping kids find fabulous books. She is from Canada and the USA, and, in the future, she hopes to be able to travel to see her family.

Ms. James used to be a nurse.

Her favourite character in Harry Potter is Ms. Weasley. Her least favorite character in Harry Potter is Lucious Malfoy.

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