ASW Gets a Scuba Club

by Won Lee

Have you ever heard about the Scuba Club? It is the new club going dive trips and discussing diving, the ocean, and even marine biology.  

Many activities and clubs are having trouble because of COVID-19. And the Scuba Club is one of them. We interviewed Ms.Pohl, who created the Scuba Club, for the activities the club does and their troubles.

Warrior News: What is the purpose of this club and what activities do you do?

Ms.Pohl: Scuba Club is a place for enthusiasts to meet and discuss diving, the ocean, marine biology, etc.  Participants can also work toward their certification by signing up for eLearning through PADI and SSI.  I hope that we’ll be able to take dive trips as well, but at this time, it’s not possible because of the pandemic. 

Warrior News:  I have heard that this club is rather new, so what made you create this club?

Ms.Pohl: I love diving, and I want to share it with everyone I meet! I hope to get students interested in diving so that they can enjoy this amazing sport, but also so that they will become advocates for the environment. Divers love the ocean, and when you love the ocean, you also love the planet – and then you start making good choices for our planet!

Warrior News:  Was there any trouble because of the coronavirus situation?

Ms.Pohl: Dive professionals have developed new sanitation protocols to be used in the dive industry.  For example, regulators and masks get cleaned in a special solution after each dive.  The pre-dive safety check also preserves the cleanliness of the alternate regulator, which you have to share with another diver in case of emergency.  So the industry has reacted to covid and put the right protocols in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.  In terms of Scuba Club, as I mentioned before, I would really like us to be able to take trips to go diving in the fabulous dive destinations around Europe (Canary Islands, Azores Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Egypt…lots of great options around here!).  With covid, it’s not possible to take any trips, so those plans are on hold at least until it’s safe to travel again.

After COVID-19, lots of activities are canceled and turned into online. So many clubs are having a hard time like this Scuba Club. However, each club is working in its own way undaunted by the COVID-19. We applaud passion for their interests.

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