What Is It Like to Have COVID?

by Mia Klodowska

With more and more coronavirus cases appearing within the school, questions are rising.We interviewed a high school student from ASW who tested positive for COVID-19. Recently finished their month of quarantine, we asked this student about what it was like. With this being a hard experience on the student, they have  asked us to keep them anonymous and refer to them as “High School Student.” 

Warrior News: Where do you think you contracted it?

High School Student: My dad got it from work and brought it home, and gave it to my mum around the same time. Even though at first I wasn’t sick and didn’t have any symptoms for two weeks, I still had to stay isolated. My parents were isolated as well, all in separate rooms, and stayed there most of the time so I didn’t really see them. I got it right before he and my mum were tested negative.

Warrior News: What was your initial reaction when you found out you had COVID?

High School Student: I started crying, but I wasn’t scared. I was mostly angry, since this added another two weeks, so a month in total of quarantine for me. I was angry because this wasn’t my fault and I had no control over it. 

Warrior News: What was the hardest problem you faced while quarantining?

High School Student: Finding motivation and mostly getting out of bed or eating, the simple things. It made me very weak, emotionally and physically.

Warrior News: How did you handle staying home?

High School Student: I didn’t handle it very well. I love going out and seeing my friends everyday, getting dressed up and moving. I hardly ever left my bed, I lost my appetite and the whole thing was just extremely stressful, energy-depriving and super depressing. 

Warrior News: Did you have any symptoms before you were diagnosed?

High School Student: None. Around a day or two days after I was diagnosed I lost my taste and smell, which felt really odd and unsettling. I got a sore throat and had terrible migraines. I never had a temperature though. 

Warrior News: Since you were one of the first people to be diagnosed with corona, did you face any backlash from your peers?

High School Student: A lot of different people started texting me about it and making sure I was okay, so that felt good that I was somehow able to maintain some contact with them and with my friends. My friends were mostly surprised and anxious. 

Warrior News: How severe were the symptoms?

High School Student: Quite severe, given that my whole body started aching. I could skip a day of meals, I had constant migraines, trouble sleeping and couldn’t smell or taste anything. I was just extremely tired in a way I never experienced before to be honest.

Warrior News: What do you think people should know about your experience?

High School Student: It really does have a toll on mental health, so I’d say to just be understanding about it and respectful, different people go through it differently and to not make them feel weird about it

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