HS Produces Noises Off

by Marcell Veer

The American School of Warsaw High School just finished its annual fall play. This year, the production that was presented was called Noises Off by Michael Frayn.

 Due to Covid regulations, only HS students and staff were allowed to watch the show live. Additionally, all the performers wore masks throughout the show. The concert was one of the first ever ASW shows to be ticketless, as it was free of charge for all. Warrior News interviewed Annika Julien and Tarik Behmen, both cast members, about the play before the production. 

How excited are you both to participate in this year’s play? 

Tarik: I am really happy that we are capable of doing this play during this time.

What do you think about the small cast size this year?

Annika: Most of the people from the relatively small cast size, I am already friends with which has made this experience extremely fun and different. It’s pretty wholesome. 

Tarik: When there are less people than unusual in a play, you have a lot of more lines to memorise but the overall experience makes it more fun.

What should people expect going into the play?

Annika: Get ready to have a laugh!

The recorded livestream of HS production of Noises Off  can be rewatched on this link: https://www.aswarsaw.org/about-us/livestream

Pasword: WarriorWay2020

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