Warriors Finish In-House Tournament on Top as Usual

By Joseph Han

On Thursday 12th, the ASW speech & debate club finished the finals for the in- house tournament. 

The tournament consisted of students competing in five different sections: Duet acting, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Oral interpretation, and debate.

Club leader Carolina presents Taj with his first-place trophy.

Year 2020 with the coronavirus is not the best time nor the easiest time to hold any competition in the school. Although there were some hardships and restrictions while preparing for the tournament, students and teachers worked together to make this year’s competition run as usual.

According to Mr. Taylor, there were positive sides to this year’s competition, despite some of it being on video chat. “It was actually much easier to judge the individual events because we taped the performances and sent them out to the judges to watch at their leisure,” he said. “This was actually much easier than getting everyone in the same room at the same time, and it also let judges review performances if they wanted to double check their decisions.”

Taj N. was one of the few participants who participated in person. “I think that I put quite a lot of time into the Oral interpretation piece(Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas),” he said. “I spent most of my weekend practicing the lines and watched the movie to get a certain feel on the characters instead of taking a break, but it was a very enjoyable process, so all the practicing that I did was great. The hardship that I faced was probably the pacing of the piece since we had a 6-minute time frame to deal with, and my piece was over the time limit by quite an amount when spoken at my normal pace, so I had to speed it up and still make it audible and understandable to the audience.”

Taj added that he would like to thank everyone who contributed to the tournament. “Thank you very much for setting up this event,” he said. “I had a bunch of fun for the Oral Interpretation, a little less fun in the debate, but overall I think that everyone who participated had a great time.”

Students who couldn’t join the tournament in-person participated by giving their performance on video calls. 

The speech & debate club has an upcoming CEESA tournament in February.

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