Christmas Coming in COVID-style to ASW

By James Kim and Jaewon Shin

We are finally in the last month of 2020, usually where we would have Christmas markets open and festivals around us. However, due to the coronavirus and school restrictions our school is very limited to events and festivals around school. Warrior news met with Mr. Sheehan to find out what events are happening at school despite the COVID.

The first event our school is holding is the secret santa, planned by the student council. Secret Santa is where students who are signed up bring presents for a person in their grade secretly, a person who is assigned randomly. All the presents will be delivered in the last week of school before Christmas break. 

One of the other events prepared for Christmas this year is the Spirit Week happening from Dec 7th – Dec 11th, Spirit week is another event prepared by the student council for Christmas. During spirit week, students dress up as the theme assigned each day for the week, the themes include pajama day, crazy hair day, festive day … etc. (You can check the HS bulletin for more information). 

Finally, as some people may have noticed, the hallway and the school is being filled with decorations for the last few weeks of school and Christmas of 2020. Classes are being decorated with little Christmas trees and lights, while the lockers on the hallway are decorated with candies and Christmas decorations and messages.

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