Advisories Collecting Donations for Warsaw Volunteer Mission

by David Lam

How are you spending your Christmas holidays? Families will be spending quality time together, kids are getting ready to unwrap gifts sitting underneath their Christmas trees, and students will get a break to get peace of mind.

Despite all the things we are looking forward to, some families aren’t fortunate enough to have the privilege to look forward to this time of the year. ASW’s annual collaboration with the Warsaw Volunteer Mission is back up, and deadlines are nearing. Each advisory has been assigned a family to aid and provide with goods. 

Why should you donate? Warrior News interviewed Mr. James, who summarized why ASW has always returned each year for almost a decade in pursuit of the same cause. “The food collection will come as a nice surprise and foundation for making it to 2021,” he said. Each Christmas, these families have to figure out how they will make it through the next year, struggling to gather essential needs, like food and clothing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes to everyone’s lives, some minor and some even life-threatening. Most of ASW’s community has faced small inconveniences, such as wearing masks or refraining from going out, but some families have to face hardships that go beyond little nuisances. In light of the pandemic, we must acknowledge and use our fortune to spread acts of generosity, an idea that Mr. James embodied, saying, “For most of us at ASW, the pandemic has affected our moods and attitudes; for many families in Warsaw, the pandemic has threatened their very survival.”

December 14th is the final due date for the donated goods. Mr James asks us to please make sure to follow COVID regulations while acquiring your goods.

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