Deck the Trees is Dead; Long Live Deck the Doors

by Maya Sirotin

This year, rather than decorate the hallways or trees, the student council has opted to have advisories decorate their respective doors following a festive theme. 

A festive door in progress. Photo by Maya Sirotin.

An advisory from each grade will be chosen as winners according to three criteria; festivity, creativity and eco-friendliness. Students and teachers are encouraged to bring supplies from home or to use recycled materials to minimise waste. The student council also recommends that students be more active in the cleanup of their door once it has been judged and to talk to their advisors about how they can assist in cleaning up the decorations. 

Advisories can decorate their doors from the 7th to the 17th of December, after which pictures of the doors will be sent to the judges to decide the winner of each grade level, meaning that advisors in each grade will compete against one another. Winning advisories will receive hot chocolate as a prize. 

While deck the halls has always been an ASW favourite, there was hesitation in pursuing it this year due to the waste it has generated in the past. Following this realisation, the student council discussed having 9th and 10th grade decorate a hall together, as well as 11th and 12th grade. However, this became challenging both in terms of scheduling and meeting COVID restriction requirements. Ultimately, the student council decided on deck the doors, hoping that it can still “provide an atmosphere of holiday cheer throughout the school”. Ms. Hasan, the Student Council supervisor, also explained that deck the doors allowed for holiday cheer to be “spread out throughout the halls and can allow for multiple themes and ideas to be presented,” rather than being concentrated in one hallway. 

Twelfth grader Natalia S. told Warrior News that she has been enjoying deck the doors so far, “but at the same time […] misses doing something collectively as a grade and not just in advisories,” such as deck the halls or trees. 

Something that is new in the judging criteria this year is eco-friendliness, which Ms. Hasan says was important to implement because of how much waste has been generated from deck the halls in the past, as well as how ineffective cleanup has been. Ms. Hasan says that she hoped the criteria would allow students to gain “an understanding that repurposing already-owned decorations or utilizing scrap paper can still allow you to have a door that is festive,” as well as encourage the use of more eco-friendly alternatives in other areas of students’ lives. 

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