ASW Students Organize Online Book Fair

by Carolina Barsakov

Do you want to make space on your bookshelf for some new books? Or do you have any old books you’ve been wanting to get rid of? 

Together with the PTO, three 11th grade students, Andrea P., Aylee G., and Suhani G., are granting you exactly that opportunity. The three juniors are organizing a Book Fair as their CAS project.

The students have been collecting books, puzzles, and boardgames in boxes outside every entrance at ASW. Donations have been collected for two weeks now and will continue to be gathered until December 18, the last day before Christmas break. 

Where exactly will these books be donated? “Actually, specifically the proceeds will be donated! So far, over 500 books have been collected, which will all be sold in an Online Book Fair, open to all after Christmas Break,” said Andrea. “The proceeds of the sold books will be donated to The School for the Blind in Warsaw, particularly, to help out with their new computer program. A school that ASW has been partnering with since the 90s!”

The Online Book Fair will be a chance for anyone to buy books directed towards various age groups. Second-hand books, along with puzzles and board games, will be offered. If not all donations get sold at the fair, they will either be donated to the school library or to another foundation. 

“Given the many donations we’ve received so far.. 500 and counting.. Aylee, Suhani and I have struggled with organizing all the books and especially trying to find a storage area at school,” said Andrea. However, thanks to the PTO, who helped out by offering a small room that now stores all the books, we are able to keep track and continuously work on the donations preparation for the fair – such as adding short descriptions.”

From now on, the book fair will be a yearly opportunity for high school CAS students, supported by the PTO.

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