“Right now, just think dusk, candlelight, celebration and memory”: 2021 Relay for Life at ASW

by Fiona Haze

Many of you might remember the Relay for Life event that took place in 2019 at ASW, organized by the school administration. Last year, two juniors, Nina B. and Kate M. organized the event, which could not take place as it did the previous year due to ASW transitioning into virtual school. However, last year a basketball fundraiser took place and 15,074pln was raised and donated to Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka. But what will happen with Relay for Life this year?

Nina B. and Kate M. visiting Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka in 2020, giving them a check of 15,074pln which was raised that year. Photo courtesy of @aswrelayforlife instagram page.

Nina B. and Kate M. say that while the plans for the 2021 Relay for Life event at ASW “are still up in the air,” they stubbornly plan to “host the actual grand finale event,” similar to what it looked like two years ago. 

However due to the obvious restrictions that they will face, the event might have to be “downsized and made slightly less elaborate, maybe even eliminating the overnight stay on campus,” they said. Nevertheless, they are currently brainstorming ways to make the event as “interactive and meaningful” as possible, while still following Covid-19 regulations at ASW. 

They will formally begin planning around March, when they hopefully will have a better idea of what the situation is going to look like. As of right now, they believe that nothing will be certain until a few weeks leading up to the event. Even so, they say “Right now, just think dusk, candlelight, celebration and memory”. 

Leading up to the event, Nina B. and Kate M. are focused on fundraising. Due to the fact that ASW as of right now is separated into cohorts, it is not possible to hold the same type of fundraiser that was held in 2020. Therefore, they are working on “means of fundraising from a distance.” More about this will be heard about soon in the community. 

They conclude by saying that while a big project such as Relay for Life is “difficult and complicated this year, as is planning anything in a pandemic […] Relay for Life means a lot to us, and we will do everything in our power to make it as memorable and impactful for the community as it has been for us.” 

Grete M. (12) believes that the Relay for Life event will be modified to the best of the school’s ability, but finds it hard to believe that the proper Covid-19 safety measures will be put into place and followed. However, she looks forward to the event in whichever fashion it will happen to honour cancer survivors, such as her aunt who battled with breast cancer.

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