Editorial: Coffee House Adapts to a Pandemic

by Carolina Barsakov

Coffee House is a monthly event for HS students at ASW. In principle, it is kind of like a talent show, but with a more chill vibe to it. It has the kind of atmosphere one would describe as the one of an actual coffee house. The event is a tradition at ASW, and takes on new student organizers/leaders every year. It’s a performance opportunity for HS students to show off their talents, ranging from comedy acts to singing and so much more. 

Along with many other events this year, a struggle arose with the organization of Coffee House. With Covid-19 taking over, we had to come up with answers to questions like “How can we maintain social distancing?” or “Where at ASW can we hold the event and still ensure safety?” 

The first Coffee House of the year, which took place towards the end of October was held outside. Having it outside was the only option then. All performers had to perform with their masks on, the audience was spread out, also wearing masks, and all mics were covered with protective sleeves. Although these precautions were necessary, the cold of October’s nature made it hard for everyone to be outside for a longer time. The cold and precautionary masks also resulted in a struggle for performers who sang.

Thankfully, when the December Coffee House came around, we were granted permission to hold it in the Annex Gym of our school. The cold was no longer a problem. Masks and social distancing, however, were still necessary. Protective sleeves for every mic were also still enforced. Granted Covid-19, bringing Coffee House back has not been easy. 

However, Mr. Taylor and I, along with the school, will continue to try and keep the warm feel of Coffee House alive, even during a global pandemic. For now, and most likely for the whole school year, this will mean keeping all safety precautions intact. We hope to bring back the OG Coffee House as soon as possible. 

The fourth event of the year is just around the corner: A Valentine’s Day themed Coffee House, taking place on Friday, February 12th. So, whether you want to perform a love song (or a heartbreak song), or whether you want to watch love songs and heartbreak songs being performed, make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

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