How Are Those Personal Projects Coming Along?

by Mia Klodowska

With the first draft of personal projects due soon,  the pressure in the 10th-grade hallways is rising. Now with the final project, complete everyone is hard at work on their report. We interviewed Sara P. to get a scoop on what the reality of the project is. She is particularly ambitious when it comes to these types of projects, and is excited to share her story. 

What is your project about?

  • For My Personal Project I created a website about eco-friendly options for traveling and accommodations in 3 specific countries. I looked at Poland, Netherlands and Italy. Go-Eco Blog 

How far along are you on the outline?

  • I would say that I am approximately half way done in my report. I haven’t really gone through each criteria one by one but I have skipped through some parts and it’s really just a matter of placing that information together. 

How are you handling the deadlines?

  • As the deadline for the first draft of the personal project report is coming up, I’m handling it not too bad. I know that as the deadline approaches, I will become more stressed and worried. 

Are you dealing with any anxiety or stress from this project?

  • I definitely took a lot of time away from my winter break to work on the project and start on the report so that I would be less stressed when we went back to school in January. 

What is the hardest part of the project for you?

  • The hardest part of the project is definitely the report because it is long, time-consuming and tiring. 

Is it hard to apply the criteria to your report?

  • It’s not really as hard to apply the criteria to my report but it is more time-consuming and exhausting. There are a lot of expectations for each of the criterias that we have to meet and it’s a matter of covering the information and providing evidence for it. 

Do you have any tips for others?

  • I would recommend up-coming 10th graders to have a positive and enthusiastic approach to your project because you really can learn a lot from it. I would also suggest having a clear schedule and communication with your supervisor so you are always on track and on the same page. 

Do you think you will be finished by the initial deadline?

  • I’m hopeful that I will be finished in time for the first deadline. It is important that you have work to showcase to your committee so that you can receive feedback from teachers and edit your report in time for the next deadline. However, I know that this initial deadline is not very strict and harsh. 

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