The Vaccination Situation

by Jaewon Shin

The whole world is suffering as the Corona lasts more than a year. Thanks to the efforts of medical staff and scientists, vaccines have been developed. According to the BBC, On December 8th, there was the first inoculation in England. The first country to get vaccinated is the United Kingdom. 

The world’s first person to receive the vaccine on Saturday was a 90-year-old British citizen. According to the BBC, Margaret Keenan was vaccinated for the first time in the world with the Corona 19 vaccine jointly developed by U.S. pharmaceutical company Whitea and Germany’s Biotech at Coventry University Hospital in England. Through Associated Press, Kinnon, the recipient of the Corona19 vaccine, said “I am so honored to be the first person to receive the Corona 19 vaccine.”

According to the BBC, The U.S., which is suffering from the world’s most severe Corona 19 outbreak, has chosen medical personnel as the first to be vaccinated. Sandra Lindsey is a nurse who has taken care of Corona 19 patients in intensive care units in the United States. She was also inoculated with the Corona 19 vaccine, which was jointly developed by U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Germany’s Bioentech on December 14th. According to the New York Times, Lindsey said, “It seems like the moment of healing is coming. We hope this will signal the end of the most painful past in history.”

Poland’s government has announced details of its plans to roll out COVID-19 vaccines. It promises that the treatment will be available for free and hopes that, although vaccination will remain voluntary, up to 80% of the population will choose to do so.

“We want to provide every citizen with the possibility to vaccinate,” said the health minister, Adam Niedzielski, at a press conference. He called the rollout “one of the biggest logistical operations of recent years”. 

Morawiecki explained that the programme will be based on four steps:

  • online or traditional registration
  • arrival at the vaccination centre and appraisal by a doctor or nurse
  • first jab administered
  • booster dose given after 21 days

Meanwhile at ASW, the school has started recruiting people to receive the COVID19 vaccine. The first priority is the older people, Polish and US Embassy-related people.

Some ASW students have family members who have already received the vaccine. Caitlyn V.’s grandmother, who works at a health care clinic in Aberdeen, South Dakota, was recently vaccinated. “They waste no syringes due to the necessity and the crises of the vaccine,” she said. “There are approximately 10 syringes and once you are ready and they tell you the information about the vaccine you will be receiving. After you are given the injection you are told to wait in the same area for 15 minutes in order to be monitored so you do not have a reaction to the injection. It just likes the flu shot! The next morning my arm still appeared to be a little tender but continued to work. I had no adverse reactions!”

Vaccinations in Poland are taking time, with vaccinations going fast in the United States, the United Kingdom and some other countries. Following Morawiecki’s guidance, we need to keep an eye on the inoculation status.

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