Grade 10 Students at Work on MYP Personal Project

By Won Lee

Of all the MYP Personal Projects this year, two that were particularly successful were those of Tymon C. and Hyoseo L.

Hyoseo made a program virus infection simulator with Python, a computer language, for his personal project. 

“I made this program to make it easy for normal people to understand what the numbers such as “Infection rate” and “Fatality rate” actually mean,” said Hyoseo. “When I watched the news, I couldn’t understand the meaning of the number such as infection rate and fatality rate.”

He thought that lots of people would have the same problem, and so he decided to make a program. If you want to try it, Follow this link and simulate various viruses after reading the guide.

A screen capture from Hyoseo’s Personal Project.

Tymon C. wrote a magazine about underground music and leftist politics for his personal project. It is called Green Hell Magazine. 

“The process was lengthy but really enjoyable since I got to show off many people’s creativity and political beliefs,” said Tymon. “While it did take a lot of time to do interviews and contact people to contribute, it was worth every second.”

The front cover of Tymon’s magazine.

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