Community Members Weren’t Supposed to Travel. Some Did.

by Carolina Barsakov

Despite the global pandemic, and Mr. Zurfluh’s request that members of the community not travel for the time being, some ASW students travelled both within Poland and abroad over February break.

One ASW high school student, who along with the others interviewed asked to remain anonymous, travelled to Zakopane by car. Her and her family rented an apartment and made plans to go hiking and skiing. “Well, we rented an apartment to avoid staying at a hotel. We also cooked for ourselves everyday, instead of eating at restaurants. Instead of skiing during the day, alongside many other people, we only skied during the night. We also didn’t use gondolas. We would ride slopes, only if they offered a different kind of lift than gondolas or simply skied off piste. During the day, we would hike.” 

A second high school student travelled to a more tropical setting: the Dominican Republic. This student and her family also rented a house instead of staying at a hotel. They travelled by plane because it was the only option. According to the student, they only used taxis to travel around the area, never buses. She also says her family only left their housing when going to the beach or going to the grocery store and that wearing masks, as well as social distancing was enforced in their daily routine, as per usual. 

“Honestly, I especially wanted a trip that would serve as a place to reset my mental health,” she said. “My whole family agreed on needing a break from everything that has been happening for several months, not only due to Covid. We did some research beforehand and chose this place as a result of considering different aspects such as safety. But also, it’s just a beautiful place”.

A third student travelled to St.Moritz with two of her friends, also ASW students, by plane. The three of them stayed in a hotel room together. The hotel, according to the ASW student, has put in place several safety measures everyday, like regularly testing the hotel staff for Covid. This student and her friends went skiing while in St.Moritz and wore masks while doing so, as well as while undergoing any other activities. “We really only went skiing during the day and then chilled at the hotel in the evenings. We would order room service and ate at the hotel restaurant a couple of times. We didn’t need any transportation while there, as we didn’t move around.”

All three students claim that they and their families quarantined for at least a week after returning from their travels. They have also tested negative for Covid twice since coming back to Poland.

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