What Can We Expect University to Look Like Next Year?

by Maya Sirotin

Graduation for the class of 2021 is fast approaching and many students are finalizing their university decisions and deciding where they will spend the next 3 or 4 years. Considering how the past two years have played out, there is still much uncertainty about the upcoming months and whether or not we will be able to settle into normalcy again. 

The ASW Class of 2021.

Natalia S. will be heading to either Melbourne or Sydney, Australia next year. Currently, most university students in Australia are studying virtually, but universities are hopeful they can offer on-campus classes next year. “It’s hard to predict what everything will look like in the future,” Natalia said, “but I really hope I’ll be able to study in person.” 

While concerns about virtual school exist for students, Natalia is thankful that “given that the COVID situation in Australia is a lot less severe than it is in Europe, there is a lot less of that uncertainty.” 

Lia L. will be attending Purdue University in Indiana next year. The university is planning on offering online school but has also been working to vaccinate students. Lia shares the concerns of many students about online school including “meeting people, since that would be difficult to do online.” 

Student Vera J. will be attending Dundee University in Scotland this fall. Dundee will “still remain as a mix of both online and in-person classes,” Vera said. However, the university is planning on offering practical courses in the sciences on-campus and is considering lectures with fewer than 40 people. “I think it will still be an adjustment year for everyone, but I hope that they will be able to decrease some of the COVID restrictions’,” she said. 

Similarly to other students, Vera is concerned about “the lack of social events for meeting new people” in addition to “traveling between university and home”. 

While there is still much uncertainty about what university will look like next year for students, as Vera puts it, we can only hope “things will continue becoming a little more ‘normal’.”

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