High School Dance in the Works

By Pablo Sandoval 

Ever since the covid restrictions in ASW died down, the school has been reviving it’s halls with events and celebrations. One of these events is the yearly high school dance for the Freshmen and Sophomores. The last high school dance we had was in May of last school year. Will there be another one this year?

According to Dohyeong K., a member of the 9/10th grade student council, there have been mentions of a high school dance for the future, but there hasn’t been any solid planning yet. The council also needs approval from Mr.Sheehan, so until then they can’t start working on anything. 

“It is certain that we will have a dance,” Dohyeong said. “But we haven’t gotten approval from the principal.”

So while the school doesn’t have any plans, we can expect a high school dance soon. Looking at last year’s we can predict that it’ll be around springtime, probably in May. 

Although the chances of this party are high, there’s still one question unanswered: do we really want to have a dance party? After asking multiple high school students, they all seemed to be anticipating this event, Theodore S. said “On a scale from 1 to 10, a 7 or an 8”. This seemed to be what most people want, meaning that the high school is eager to have a dance party in the future.


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