Opinion: HS Strings Orchestra a Place for Community, Expression, and Fun

By Joseph Han

At ASW, there are so many extracurricular activities some get overlooked. One of those is the HS Strings Orchestra. 

The HS Strings Orchestra, as its name suggests, is a club that performs string music. Despite the common perception that instruments like violin, cello and viola are associated with formal, boring concert halls filled with elderly men dressed up in suits, the HS Strings Orchestra breaks that perception. Occasionally performing during CoffeeHouses, the club performs pieces not limited to classical music, but also well-known pop songs and movie scores. In addition to performing in Coffee Houses, the HS Strings Orchestra regularly collaborates with various other arts clubs around ASW. Last year, during the Shakespeare in Love performance, the Strings artists were able to take part in playing the background music for all three performances. This year, performers will be working together with the HS Choir to perform Mozart’s Lacrimosa.

The collaboration opportunities don’t end there. This year, The ASW HS Strings Orchestra has closely worked with the members of a Korean church to give a festive Christmas concert to Ukrainian Refugee Children. Teachers and students both actively took part in making the concert a success, while students like Sanghyun K., who is not in the club, also worked to help in the process. 

The HS Strings Orchestra is a club that allows students to express their artistic abilities to their fullest potential, while giving them the opportunity to give back to the community through the power of music. Whether it be this year or next year, if you are a high school student with experience playing strings instruments or interested in doing so, joining the orchestra might not be a bad idea. And of course, you might have fun while honing your musical skills in a friendly, collaborative community. 


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