Model United Nations Club Heads to Greece

By Kayleigh Isa

On the 9th of February, 14 members of ASW’s Model United Nations club took off to Thessaloniki, Greece to take part in Anatolia College’s 18th annual MUN conference. 

Model United Nations is an activity that emulates the procedure of the United Nations and allows students to learn about diplomacy and international relations. Students play the roles of delegations for different countries and are placed in one of the many MUN committees to discuss a given issue. During a total of 5 days spent in Thessaloniki, the students engaged in diplomacy and debated for three days at Anatolia College. With each of the students representing France, Liberia, or Panama, and one acting as a Student Officer, over 8 different committees at the conference had representatives from ASW. 

ACMUN delegates pictured prior to the conference. Source: @ac.mun on Instagram

Mr. Julien, Ms. Woodruff, and Mr. Welborn accompanied students on the trip, providing guidance and care for its duration. Mr. Welborn noted that he was “really pleased that so many relatively new MUN members took the opportunity to do a live conference for the first time”, adding that “every single delegate came away with more confidence in the rules of procedure, the strategy of debate, and the art of diplomacy. This will benefit each of them as well as the team in future conferences.” 

Helena Tadić acted as a Student Officer and said that she “enjoyed seeing people grow as debaters and become more confident throughout the conference.” 

Maja Young, who played France in the Security Council, noted that she loved being able to spend time with their friends in a fantastic city, meet new people in their committees, and even receive dessert on the house at a local restaurant!

Seeing as Mr. Welborn said: “We will definitely be back next year!”, the ASW community looks forward to more fruitful updates on conferences in the future.

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