High School Dance Moves (Get it? Get it?)

by Pablo Sandoval

Last week, it was announced that the school dance, initially set for Friday, March 3rd will be rescheduled to Friday, April 21st. 

There are some speculations about why this change was made. Events overlapping? Budget cuts? Despite all the mystery, there is a reason behind this major change. According to Dohyeong K, there were some CEESA events that overlapped with the schedule of the dance, for example, the Zagreb Rock Festival, and they thought it would be better if the dance was on a week in which we had no special events, this being the week of April 21st. 

Doheyong also said that there will be no changes to the original plan, the entrance fee of 10zl will stay the same, and the theme is still Semi-Formal, the only change being the date.


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