10th Grade Makes Its Diploma Programme Selections

By Natalia Piskorska and Olivia Choi

Last month, the Class of 2025 all turned in their course selection forms for next year’s classes. These classes, whether being a regular ASW HS course or a Full IB course, will last for the 2 final years of high school. 

Students had until March 3rd to decide which classes would be the best fit for them; they took part in many information sessions as well as consulting with counselors and friends in grades 11 and 12.

The first choice the students face is choosing between different pathways to graduation that include ASW Academic Diploma, ASW Academic Diploma, and International Baccalaureate Diploma, or ASW Academic Diploma and International Baccalaureate Course Certificates. 

Some of the things 10th-grade students wanted to find out are if a DP student can change their classes after the first year or if it’s possible to take 7 subjects instead of 6. They also said that they would find it helpful to know which teacher is teaching which subjects. 

So which subjects are the most and least popular among the current 10th graders? 

According to Ms. Cuthbert, the HS couselor, students showed most interest for Biology in group 4, the sciences. Computer Science had the least students, although there was an increase compared to the previous grade, Class of 2024. 

She also said that there was “more interest in the arts as a whole”, and that Visual Arts was the most popular out of the Arts subjects, while she was “still waiting on confirmation of numbers” of the students taking the newly introduced DP Music course. 

On the other hand, group 3, Individuals and Societies, was led by Economics, and History seemed to be the least popular. In terms of languages, Spanish was at the top of the list, whereas German was at the bottom. However, Ms. Cuthbert added that there is no ab initio class for German compared to French and Spanish. 

In addition, Ms. Pohl announced that Math Applications and Interpretation SL class will unfortunately not be offered among the 4 math courses. 

While choosing academic courses, 10th-graders are also considering what extracurricular activities they will take part in next year. Theatre plays, choir club, sports, and Warrior News are some activities current 10th-graders are considering doing next year. However, some of them think that they might not have enough time for many after-school activities. 


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