Student Council to Host Field Day in May

By Dohyeong Kim

Following a successful HS dance before the May break, the student council has announced that it will be hosting a Field Day in June.

Linbo G., one of the student council representatives who hosted the HS dance, expressed his satisfaction, “It was impressive to see people enjoying the dance after putting in months of effort.” And he added that another school event at ASW is coming by the student council and expressed his hope that many students would attend and enjoy it as much as the dance did. 

According to the student council, plans for Field Day are being made to celebrate the end of the school year. The decision to host Field Day this year was made at last week’s most recent Student Council meeting. It was said in the meeting that the activities will likely be held outdoors and will last throughout the day. Regarding teams for Field Day, it was discussed that three students from each grade level, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, will make up the team of nine members. These teams will participate in various outdoor events and compete with other teams throughout the day.

Student council representative James L. has stated that he hopes all high school students will come out and enjoy the sunshine in the field on field day.


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