Behind the Scenes of Agnieszka Holland’s Visit

by Tina Nguyen On February 15, Agnieszka Holland, a Polish film director, visited our school to talk about filmmaking, Polish cinema and culture, women working in the film industry, and her views on politics. Iga Lis (11) held the panel interview with the director. As one of the organizers, Iga shared insights into the planning of the event as well as her experience. How did you … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Agnieszka Holland’s Visit

Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament

by Tina Nguyen Today and tomorrow, all high students are encouraged to sign up for the Athletics Council’s annual dodgeball tournament. The tournament starts next Tuesday lunch. This Friday lunch, the Athletic Council will be selling popcorn, but everyone who is signed up until then will get some for free! To enter the tournament, you will need to: – Have a max of 10 people … Continue reading Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament