The Anime Club in Action

by Phoebe Sirotin The Anime Club was established two years ago by Miko Z. (12) and Qing Yu C. (12). According to Miko, the club was established because after having moved to ASW from the Hong Kong International School, he “missed [his] previous school’s Anime club.” Since then, participation has grown and the club now has 11 to 13 students attending each meeting. “I like … Continue reading The Anime Club in Action

PSAT Season Comes to ASW

By Annabell Werner Each year High School Juniors around the world take the PSATs. But have you ever wondered what these exams are and why you take them? The PSATs are a practice version of the SATs. During both the PSATs and the SATs students are tested on their knowledge and skills through a reading test, a writing and language test, and a math test. … Continue reading PSAT Season Comes to ASW

Opinion: New High School Schedule Causing Some Headaches

by Alex Cysarz and Michał Korczewski According to Ms. Berntson the changes to the ASW schedule this year were needed to accommodate more time for IB classes in the 11th and 12th grade. The changes were also implemented to fit the new 9th and 10th grade MYP schedule in order to allow for a total 9 periods. The process of designing this schedule was done … Continue reading Opinion: New High School Schedule Causing Some Headaches

Ms. Cokerdem-DePriest: Rock and Roll Icon

by Jiji Kim ASW is full of teachers who used to have careers very different from giving daily lectures to a group of teenagers; some were musicians, some were cooks. Today, we would like to unravel the backstory of one of our high school math teachers, Ms. Diane Cokerdem-DePriest (also referred to as Mrs. C). Ms. Cokerdem was a disk jockey at a radio station … Continue reading Ms. Cokerdem-DePriest: Rock and Roll Icon

New Mural Unveiled

By Sua Yoo, Geunseok Song, and Jimin Park The American School of Warsaw hosted the street art unveiling ceremony on October 2. Students, teachers and parents gathered in front of the library at 8:00AM to check out the new murals. During the unveiling, three pieces of work created by students and street artist Mike Johnston, known as Truth, were exhibited. The biggest, a three-piece mural … Continue reading New Mural Unveiled