ASW Raises 32 200 PLN for WOŚP

by Ola Pietruszkiewicz On the Sunday of the 12th, a very special annual event took place in the whole of Poland. Wielka Orkiestra świątecznej Pomocy, otherwise known as WOŚP is a fund-raising organization that raises money for sick children in need by providing expensive and professional medical equipment. For the past 28 years, on the 12 of January, the streets of Poland get filled with … Continue reading ASW Raises 32 200 PLN for WOŚP

On This Day in Polish History

Wojciech Jaruzelski declared martial law. by Julia Owerko On this day in 1981 Poland declared martial law. Due to the rising opposition in Poland and increasing pressure from the Soviet government, Wojciech Jaruzelski, the leader of the People’s Republic of Poland, imposed severe restrictions on civil rights and suspended ordinary law. Over 70,000 soldiers and 30,000 communist police officers (milicja) were recruited. The streets were … Continue reading On This Day in Polish History

Venturing out into the World — The Revival of Chaberek

By Zofia Ciołek Last week, the recently revived Chaberek Club made its first venture of the year out into the world to Ognisko Ursynów, a dayroom for children from troubled families.  The Chaberek Club has actually been around ASW for a while. However, due to certain circumstances it had been put on an indefinite hiatus in the past few years. Recently, however, the new club … Continue reading Venturing out into the World — The Revival of Chaberek

The Snowball is Tonight!

by Maya Sirotin The high school student council is organising a Snowball semi-formal on December 6th from 19:00 to 22:00. The theme of the dance is Winter Wonderland. A group of freshmen, with help from upperclassmen, have organised the dance. It will take place in the cafeteria and tickets sell for 25zl before and during the event. An exclusive DJ has been invited.  Food and … Continue reading The Snowball is Tonight!

Deck the Halls is Dead; Long Live Deck the Trees

By Fiona Haze and Jake Lupu As the Christmas break draws closer, the HS students restlessly run from classroom to classroom through the ASW hallways. But something is different this year. Usually the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade hallways would be decorated, the grade levels eager to compete for first place in the Deck the Halls event. This year however, the Student Council is … Continue reading Deck the Halls is Dead; Long Live Deck the Trees